ITR Africa

Specialists in aftermarket earthmoving parts and solutions

ITR Africa is part of the USCO Group, the leading manufacturer and supplier of components for earth-moving machines: undercarriage, GET (wear parts) and repair parts. ITR Africa was established in 2010 and is now one of the largest distributors of undercarriage, GET and replacement parts of earthmoving machines in Southern Africa, active in the mining, construction, agriculture, component, plant hire and forestry industries.

With the head office in Johannesburg and branches in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London, Kathu, Pinetown, Bloemfontein, Middelburg, Windhoek (Namibia) and Kitwe (Zambia), ITR Africa has an extensive geographical footprint.

As the manufacturer of all ITR branded products, ITR is in full control throughout the value chain, ensuring the highest quality levels and availability of our comprehensive product range. ITR South Africa is proudly a BEE level 3 contributor with 30% black ownership, 17.96% of which is Black Female ownership. ITR, in its continuous optimisation process, has achieved the most respected international certifications including ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.

The company certifications are testimony to the efforts taken to guarantee compliance with ever higher product and service standards.

USCO ITR | Passion for parts

USCO is the leading manufacturer and supplier of components for earth-moving machines


To keep our world moving forward by delivering economically robust solutions to earthmovers.


Mining extracts commodities that are essential building blocks of life and advancement.

Agriculture sustains human life and provides economic gain.

Construction establishes and connects communities.

ITR will play a meaningful role in these fundamental endeavours, proudly partnering with our customers, to keep our world moving forward.



We are committed in heart and mind to all we do.


We exceed the needs and expectations of our customers.


We have due regard for the feelings, wishes and rights of others.


We act honestly and ethically, and we deliver on all our commitments.


We take ownership of and will be held accountable for our actions.

Our history

Start Of ITR Africa

ITR Africa starts with a partnerships between USCO and Parts and Machine Sales, a local South African company.

ITR Cape Town and ITR Namibia

ITR Cape Town and ITR Namibia are established.

ITR Port Elizabeth and ITR East London

ITR Port Elizabeth and ITR East London are opened through a partnership with Earthtek Trust, a company with a 30+ year history in the Eastern Cape.

ITR Kathu

ITR Kathu is established.

ITR Pinetown

ITR Pinetown is established.

ITR Middelburg and ITR Bloemfontein

ITR Middelburg and Bloemfontein are established; ITR Middelburg with a full undercarriage workshop to support the local mining industry.

ITR Zambia

ITR Zambia opens its doors with a full track workshop.

ITR Johannesburg Workshop

ITR Johannesburg Workshop relocates to a new location in Kempton Park, to enhance and broaden the range of services we offer. The move signifies our commitment to growth and expansion.

ITR Johannesburg and ITR Mbombela

  • ITR Johannesburg Head Office relocates to a new location in Boksburg. This relocation will cater to our growing requirements and improve our efficiency, ensuring we have the platform to deliver exceptional customer service.
  • ITR Mbombela is established.
  • ITR launches a new product line, tyres, expanding our product offerings to provide our clients with a wider range of options.