ITR Africa

ITR has a range of quality lubricants that deliver superior engine protection and performance, for machines used in the construction, industrial and marine sectors.

  • Formulated with highly refined base oils
  • Extreme pressure agents
  • Anti-wear, and anti-corrosive resistance additives for smooth operation

ITR's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the United Arab Emirates extends over an area of 20,799 square meters, has a production capacity of 54,000 metric tons per annum, and has a fully equipped laboratory to ensure the highest quality standards.

Oils and lubricants available in 20L buckets and 210L drums. Grease available in 18kg and 180kg drums.

ITR Oils and Lubricants
  • Availability
  • Durability
  • Reliability

Our range includes:

Transmission fluid

Designed for lubrication of torque converters, and transmission gear in heavy equipment.

Engine oil

Designed for earthmoving machines, heavy and light duty trucks, and all diesel engine equipment.

Gear oil

Recommended for manual transmissions, differentials, final drive axis and gearboxes in earthmoving machines, trucks, buses, cars, and tractors.

Hydraulic oil

Recommended for use in compressors, machine tools, hydraulic systems, circulation systems and a wide variety of other equipment.


ITR provides both Calcium based & Lithium based grease, the ideal product for the lubrication of flexible joints & work equipment points on heavy equipment.


Able to withstand adverse temperature conditions and effective in preventing scale & corrosion of the engine cooling system.

Brake fluids

Suitable for all conventional drum and disc brake system.

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