ITR Africa

Mining Undercarriage Solutions

ITR has partnered with Progress Mining to offer a new mining undercarriage solution line, which caters for machines 300 tons and up.

Progress Mining

Hydraulic Excavator Platforms

Brand Machines
Caterpillar® RH120E/6030, RH170/6040, RH200/6050, RH340/6060, RH400/6090
Hitachi® EX2500/EX2600, EX3500/EX3600, EX5500/EX5600, EX8000
Liebherr® R9350, R9400, R996B, R9800
Komatsu® PC3000, PC4000, PC5500, PC8000

Electric Shovel Platforms

Brand Machines
Caterpillar® 495HR/7495HR, 495HD/7495HD, 495HF/7495HF
P&H® 2800XP Range, 4100XP Range, 4100BOSS, DELTA Upgrades

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