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ITR offers Undercarriage Inspection as well as Repair, Maintenance and Rebuild Services out of our Service Centres in South Africa and Zambia. 

Undercarriage Inspections and Preventative Maintenance

Undercarriage is the lifeblood of your machine and maintenance costs on the undercarriage alone can account for over 50 percent of the entire maintenance budget on your tracked machines.

ITR will help you reduce downtime and operating costs, while dramatically increasing uptime and productivity, through regular inspections, that will identify loose or missing parts, physical damage to the undercarriage, tracks or driveline, abnormal wear patterns that indicate a hidden problem as well as loose bearings, gears or track linkages.

By investing in regular maintenance, you can save money on emergency repairs, anticipate when repairs will be needed and plan in advance, minimize downtime by reducing the risk of a breakdown, extend the life of your key assets as well as improve safety and productivity

With proper management, machine undercarriage components can deliver maximum performance.

ITR personnel across all branches are trained and equipped to carry out full undercarriage inspections and present our customers with a full analysis and report.

Undercarriage Services Offered

Remove and Refit Shoes

This is an affordable service when the link assemblies need to be replaced before the track shoes.

Turn Pins and Bushes

Maximize system life by giving your bushings a second life on new wear surfaces.

Fit new Pins and Bushes

A cost-saving option when pin and bushing turns have not been met, as opposed to new link assemblies

Re-strip Grouser Shoes

Increases shoe life by replacing grouser barstock to the grouser surface and is a significant savings over full shoe replacement.

Rebuild Idlers

Lengthens wear life by applying new wear material, using a specialized weld processes.

Trackframe Repairs

Straightening, realignment or rebuilding of track frames and/or replacing undercarriage.

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